Monday, October 13, 2008

my hari raya

On my first day in raya i'm was perform in my prayer at mosque, after that i'm go to my relatives house. During the day i'm eat many food such as lemang, ketupat, and cookies.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nowadays the subject English is an important subjects in the world. Everyone has need to learnt this subject because many benefit can their got it especially to get flying colour in examination and to get jobs very easier and so on. There are several ways how UiTMT student can improve their english.
One of the ways how UiTMT student can improve their english are they must have more practicing to writing,reading and speaking in english. Morever, their lecturer must teaching all students in english and make learning in english is very fun. So, if their students want to speaking in english they do not think nagative in their minds for their grammar and pronounciation. Their lecturers must also give explanation about advantages when their students need perfomed very well in these subject. So that, many students can know what should they can do and how they can improve their performance very well.
Another way to UiTMT student can improve their English are they must change their mindset about English is very hard to learning. They can more practise to use English with their friends and lecturers such as communicate with them in class everyday.Thus, the UiTMT student should change their mindset to get a more successful in their life.
In addition, UiTMT student can improve their English are they should more read and speak i n English either in the home or in a class such as reading a New Straits Times, and more practicing speak with their friends.
In conclusion, they should follow all of the ways such as more practicing, change their mindset and more read and speak in English.

Monday, July 21, 2008

what i have learnt today in BEL 260 class.

Hi.....Today, i have learnt about how to use the simple present tense and the simple continuous tense from my presentation friends.From that,i can improve my vocabulary in subject BEL 260 and learnt a lot of knowledge.I also happy with the my friends presentation today.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Assalamualaikum...My name is Roshazima.Just call me iema.I'm very happy because this is my first experience in producing a blog spot.I would like to exploring many things from it.I also can learn more new things.and also help me to improve my English.This is very interesting for me.Thank you very much Miss Syaz.